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Do you want to work in a remote-first setting with people who love what they do while building a product that has real impact?We're looking for passionate, product-focused software engineers who have hacked systems in creative ways, who are curious about new languages, technologies, and trends.We believe that working hard is a byproduct of loving what you do and not something that can be measured on a timesheet.

Сompany offers

  • We live in a world today where software is your competitive advantage. Leveraging this advantage results in accelerating your time-to-market, maintaining stability, avoiding outages; always being reliable and available for your customers.
  • We believe deploying software safely and continuously at any scale is at the center of achieving your competitive advantage. It should be easy to understand, achievable, and effortless for all developers of the world. Write code. Package artifacts. Choose targets. Hit deploy — This is every developer’s dream deployment scenario.
  • Armory makes this dream a reality by enabling development teams to confidently deploy their software every time; easily, reliably, safely, securely, and continuously.


  • Skills from the DevOps Space
  • Cloud Technologies including Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform, and Azure
  • Containerization orchestration technologies including Kubernetes.
  • Strong understanding of distributed systems architecture principlesExpectation
  • Demonstrates owning well-defined projects from beginning to end.
  • Utilizes focused range of domain specific special skills
  • Independently scopes flexible technical solutions- Is able to break-down ambiguous problems into smaller technical solutions and delegate
  • Anticipates technical uncertainties.
  • Trusted to design and implement cross-team level technical solutions.
  • Garners resources required to complete their work.
  • Seeks out and drives customer feedback into our product.
  • Recognized as expert in most of our codebases/features.
  • Seeks out tools and technologies that are not currently used and their potential applications to individual features.
  • Considers the effects of their work across multiple teams
  • Proactively manages potential issues to advance strategic initiatives and company goals.
  • Identifies metrics to measure impact and support broader strategic initiatives.
  • Guides teams to improve code structure and maintainability.
  • Identifies cross-team impacting problems, suggests solutions, and drives resolutions.
  • Mentors engineers both technically and culturally.
  • Helps others write high quality code, make technical decisions, and resolve blockers.
  • Receives little instruction on day-to-day and longer-term work
  • Contributes to recruiting and team-building exercises
  • Effectively communicates complex technical issues to a cross-functional audience
  • Engages in productive dialogue involving multiple viewpoints or conflicting perspectives both inside the team and between teams.

What you should have

  • 9+ years experience
  • SpringBoot
  • One or more of AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure- One or more of Kubernetes
  • Mesos/DCOS, or Docker Swarm
  • Docker or related container technology
  • RESTful APIs
  • Familiarity with Java and Go
  • Strong communication skills, able to communicate complex technical ideas to anyone
  • English

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