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One of the largest professional certification associations in the finance industry globally uses this company as its primary technology execution and development partner. This highly prestigious and recognizable organization has thousands of certified members worldwide and has drastically increased its reliance on DataArt over the past year.


Technology excellence and commitment to quality are strategic foundations of their organization. Their IT landscape is diverse and contemporary, including Azure, .NET, Salesforce, Sitecore, NetSuite, and Selenium. The DataArt team consists of several dozens of people: developers, testers, architects. A company hire people not for a project, but to the company. If the project (or your work in it) is over, you go to another project or into a paid “Idle” mode until a new project is found for you.

Сompany offers

  • English teachers & courses for those who need a bit of studying.
  • Help in preparation for participation in industry conferences. Flexible evaluation and bonus system.
  • Provide investments for employee projects that the company considers might be effective.
  • Extensive health insurance and compensation package.
  • Exercise rooms, table tennis, scheduled group fitness training, parking for bicycles, and showers.
  • Paid sick leave and 10 extra sick days per year for which you don’t need any medical certificate so you can use those in case of minor ailment or sickness of children.
  • Flexible holidays and the opportunity to save on travel due to business trips.
  • An opportunity to work from any office of the company at a workplace arranged special for you.
  • Relocation program for employees (and their families) who want to move to another city or country.
  • Teamwork and support, not only with professional matters but also with personal ones.


  • 3+ years of experience as a DevOps engineer
  • 2+ years working with data in any major cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • Expertise in MS SQL DB and comfortable designing, writing, and maintaining complex SQL-based ETL process
  • Experience with Alibaba or Tencent Cloud
  • Experience with handling infrastructure via code and CI/CD
  • Familiarity with DevSecOps approaches and practices
  • Experience building batch and micro-batch data pipelines
  • Experience with ETL design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Familiarity with security best practices regarding servers or containers
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Spoken and written English

Will be a big plus

  • Understanding of data warehouse layers, approaches to load data into such layers, and relevant algorithms
  • Experience in designing the data platform architecture
  • Experience with schema design and data modelling, and analytical skills to QA the data and identify gaps and inconsistencies
  • Knowledge and experience with bash, and/or other scripting languages

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